Can I use a credit card at the theater?

Yes, both The Prairie Cinema and The Elkader Cinema accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

How much are tickets at the Elkader Cinema?

2D Prices, all seats:
• 7:00 PM show: $6.00
• Matinees (shows before 5:00 PM): $5.00

3D Prices, all seats:
• 7:00 PM show: $7.00
• Matinees (shows before 5:00 PM): $6.00

How much are tickets at the Prairie Cinema?

2D Prices:
• Regular Adult Price 2D: $7.75
• Children (12 and under) and Seniors (60+) 2D: $5.75
• Matinees (shows before 5:00 PM) 2D: $5.75

3D Prices:
• Regular Adult Price 3D: $9.25
• Children (12 and under) and Seniors (60+) 3D: $7.25
• Matinees (shows before 5:00 PM) 3D: $7.25

There is an additional $1.50 cost to the customer for 3D movies at the Prairie Cinema, to help us cover additional fees we have to pay for 3D movies.  This fee is charged even if you bring you own 3D glasses, because we have to pay the fees regardless of whether you bring your own glasses or not.  However, we will be offering 2D showings of 3D movies still at the previous prices.  Please pay special attention to the information on the website, on the phone, on fliers and all other advertising to be sure you are coming to the format you want to see (2D vs. 3D).  

Most movies are still 2D only.  If 2D or 3D is not specified, you can assume it is 2D.


Do you sell gift certificates?

Both The Elkader Cinema and The Prairie Cinema sell gift cards.  You can purchase them in person, or over the phone with a credit card.  If you purchase them over the phone, there is a $2.00 postage/handling charge per order (for any number of cards).

Gift cards purchased at either theater may be used interchangeably at both theaters!

Gift cards at the Prairie Cinema can also be used as loyalty cards.  (See the next FAQ to learn about Prairie Cinema loyalty cards.)

What are the rewards and point levels for loyalty cards at the Prairie Cinema?

Loyalty cards at the Prairie Cinema are free.  All you need to do is fill out a registration card.  Once the loyalty card is registered, you receive 2 points for every paid admission.  You may use that same card as a gift/cash card.  You may purchase any amount of credit to be added to your card.  You receive the following rewards at each multiple of 12 points:

12 pts - Junior Drink
24 pts - Junior Popcorn
36 pts - Frozen Drink
48 pts - Small Drink
60 pts - Small Popcorn
72 pts - Nachos
84 pts - Medium Drink
96 pts - Medium Popcorn
108 pts - Snack Pack
120 pts - Free Admission

...and then you start again at the top.

What is your R-Rated movie policy?

Children under 17 will only be admitted to an R-Rated movie if they are accompanied by a parent or adult guardian, or if their parent or adult guardian comes into the theater, speaks with our staff, and purchases the child's ticket.  All children in R-Rated movies will be expected to behave in a mature manner, or they will be asked to leave.  Neither refunds nor passes will be issued for those asked to leave due to bad behavior. 

Because R-Rated movies are intended for adult audiences, children under 6 years of age will not be admitted to R-Rated movies under any circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding.

Can we view a DVD at your theater?

Technically speaking, yes.  However, viewing a DVD in a venue such as a theater requires a licensing fee to be paid to the movie studio.  This is generally $150 to $350, depending upon the movie.  The movie theater gets no portion of that licensing fee; 100% of it goes to the studio.

Can I plan a birthday party at the Prairie Cinema?

Yes!  If the birthday party consists of 8 or more people, you can get special group pricing on admission and a Kid's Pack, and the birthday child's admission and Kid's Pack is free!  The package price is $9.00 per child, which includes admission and a Kid's Pack (normally $10.00), or $10.50 if it's a 3D movie (normally $11.50).   We have tables we can reserve for you, and if you let us know ahead of time, you will be allowed to bring in a cake or cupcakes for your party.   Remember, give the office a call ahead of time so that we know you're coming!  The office number is: 608-326-8578.

Can I plan a birthday party at the Elkader Cinema?

Yes!  For any birthday party group with 8 or more kids, the birthday child gets free admission!  Please call ahead, 563-245-2668, to let the manager on-duty know you are coming.

In Elkader, we don't have seating with tables for a party, so we don't allow cake or cupcakes to be brought in.  But, lots of people celebrate their birthdays at the Elkader Cinema!  In addition to free admission for the birthday child (with 8 or more kids), you can pre-purchase and reserve your seats, if you want to make sure your group is seated all together.

Can I set up a specially scheduled show for my group?

Yes you can!  Please call or e-mail to discuss options. 

Can I reserve seats for a movie?

The Elkader Cinema, with the upgrades in late 2018 of recliner seats, is ALL reserved seating.  You can purchase and reserve your seats online, or you can purchase and select your seat when you arrive.  With the seat upgrades, there are only about half as many seats as there were prior to the upgrade, so it is a good idea to purchase and reserve ahead, but not required.

You cannot reserve seats at the Prairie Cinema.  It is just too big a place to manage reservations.  You can pre-purchase your tickets in Prairie, thus guaranteeing yourself a seat, but we cannot guarantee you a particular seat.  And now we have Internet Ticketing, so you can purchase your tickets online!

Will you make a donation to my event?

We donate free passes to many events and causes.  We cannot guarantee that we will donate to yours, but if you would like to make a request, please do so in writing.  You may drop your request off at the office.  Please do not expect to receive a donation on the spot.  However, we carefully consider all requests and fulfill as many as we can.

May I post a flier or leave brochures about my business or event at your theater?

If you are one of our on-screen advertisers, yes you can!  We do reserve our advertising space for our paying advertising customers.  If you join our on-screen advertising program, information about your business or event will reach a lot of people!  You can request changes to your on-screen ad as often as every week, at no additional charge!

Are there loyalty cards at the Elkader Cinema?

Not at this time.  The Elkader Cinema does have gift cards, but there is not a reward program associated with those cards.