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Concession Certificates

These are a great idea for:

Employee Bonus Programs!
Employee Alternative Award Programs!
Customer Loyalty Gifts!
Greeting Card inserts!
Stocking Stuffers!
Party Favors!
A way to reduce your costs if you come to a lot of movies!

Concession Certificates Now Available at a Discount

We now have special certificates available that are redeemable for concession items only. The certificates have a face value of $5 each. We offer discounts based on the stair-step model shown below. If your organization spends at least $225, we offer a 10% discount.  If you spend $425, we offer a 15% discount; at $600, 20%; and at a level of $750 or more, we offer a 25% discount on these concession certificates.


Since these certificates are sold at a discount, we will not give change on them when redeemed, but we will re-mark them to a new value if a customer wants to purchase an item for less than $5. The certificates are labeled clearly that they can be used only for concession items (not for tickets nor for gift cards).  These certificates have no expiration date.  They are redeemable only at either The Prairie Cinema or The Elkader Cinema.

Please contact an on-site manager or e-mail us if you would like to purchase these concession coupons or would like more information.  If you would like a large number of certificates, please call or e-mail ahead so that we can have them ready for you.

These certificates may not be used in combination with any other discounts (group discounts or coupons).  They may be used in combination with pre-paid tickets or with promotional passes.  Please e-mail if you have any questions.

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